Tips on planning for a baby

Planning for a baby should be a magical time for you and your partner, make sure you are financially stable and are willing to take the time, patience and confidence needed for such a long process. Having great people behind you and helping you through it helps, also having a doctor that you can connect with on a personal level like they have at Fertility Plus is always a huge part to consider. So, here are some tips to consider when planning or already pregnant.

First Steps

The first steps to planning having a baby is to establish your income and how a baby would fit in your life – as much as they’re a gift to the world you have to understand your world. If you live with your partner and both working, living busy lives and can clearly see you need to alter your life to make way for a baby. The main aspect to planning for a baby is to make sure you and your partner are ready, could you both adjust to where you two are still happy and keep them going for the baby stage of your pregnancy as you will be stressed and hormonal throughout the process.

Reduce & Quit

In the process of having a child to need prepare your body and mind – if you’re a smoker then it’s usually best to quit, or at least cut down as I can affect the female fertility and that is not what you want if you’re wanting a baby. While smoking improves the lining the womb and effectively helps you become pregnant quicker, also could affect the success rate of an IVF treatment. Not only does it affect women, but the same can happen to a man, which can result in reduced semen quality and lower sperm out – these are all incredibly important factors to wanting a baby.


The same goes for alcohol, the risks of having a miscarriage, premature birth and even learning difficulties or behavioral problems in later life of your child; these all can heighten if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol – as what you consume goes straight into the baby as well. It’s best to stay away from any types of alcohol, energy drinks, and even coffee – although coffee doesn’t have the higher stigma alcohol does, its best to stay away from any caffeine, or cut down if you’re a big coffee drinker.

How easy it is not to notice chlamydia and how it’s treated

How easy it is not to notice chlamydia and how it’s treated

Although chlamydia is one of the most common STIs, particularly among younger people, it is often known as the silent disease because it is possible to have the condition and not know about it – it can by entirely symptom-free.


It’s one of the reasons the disease is so common – people who are infected don’t necessarily realise they have it and can be passing it on to sexual partners unwittingly, meaning it is very easily spread around if people are having unprotected sex.


Even if you do experience symptoms they often don’t appear until several weeks after you were infected, and sometimes they might not show up for months. It’s also possible to have symptoms for a few days, which then disappear, but unfortunately the infection still remains.


So what are the symptoms if you get any?


With men, symptoms are very rare and most men with chlamydia don’t experience any symptoms at all. However, if there are symptoms they are usually connected with the genital area, for example, pain around the testicles, pain when passing urine and pain in the rectal area. Other symptoms which can be related to chlamydia include eye irritations and throat infections.


With women, again the majority of patients don’t experience any symptoms at all from the infection, however, the ones that do can suffer symptoms like vaginal bleeding, pain when passing urine, heavy periods, pelvic pain and sometimes sore eyes.


If you experience any of these symptoms and you have had unprotected sex, so could be at risk of chlamydia, then you should make sure you get tested and refrain from sex in the meantime to avoid infecting anyone else.


What if I got chlamydia while I’m pregnant?

Chlamydia can cause issues during pregnancy as the infection can cause pelvic inflammatory disease. This can lead to ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. Chlamydia can also be passed onto the baby who can then be born with serious eye and lung problems.

If you suspect you have contracted chlamydia while pregnant, you need to speak to your doctor straight away so that an appropriate treatment can be organised.


What happens if chlamydia is left untreated?

This is one of the key problems with chlamydia – if it is left untreated it can cause serious and permanent health problems. This condition can infect the cervical area and cause damage to a woman’s fertility. It can also make men infertile by creating scarring in their reproductive tract area.


As well as affecting future fertility, untreated chlamydia can cause problems to the body in other places, by affecting the nervous system, the immune system and can cause inflammation in areas including the liver and pancreas.


These problems can be serious for long-term health so it’s really important to get tested for chlamydia as soon as you think you might have contracted it. Ignoring it and hoping it will go away could have serious health implications further down the line.


How easy is it to get chlamydia treated?

It couldn’t be easier nowadays to get suspected chlamydia tested and treated quickly and discreetly, using online prescription and pharmacy services. You can order a testing kit online to be delivered straight to your home in plain packaging.


Once you have carried out the test, you send it back in the post to be tested by a laboratory and they will email through a private login so that you can check in to get your results confidentially and online, so no suspicious letters from clinics arriving in the post.


It is best to have a chlamydia test prior to engaging in sex with a new partner, to make sure you don’t have an infection, and you should always use protection to prevent unwanted STIs in the first place.


If your results are positive, then it is easy to go online and order a treatment such as azithromycin – an antibiotic medication which completely cures chlamydia with one dose of four tablets. The medication works within 24 hours.


So it is incredibly easy to get tested and treated very quickly, if you have any concern that you might have contracted chlamydia – and leaving it untreated could have very severe health consequences, so why take the risk?






Top Vaping Trends of 2017

Top Vaping Trends of 2017

If you are looking to cut out cigarettes but struggling to take the big step, why not consider vaping?

Flavours for the E-juices

With the constant change and evolution in the flavours of e-juices; it’s hard to choose the best one. Strawberry shortcake ice creams featured as the best e-juice flavour this year. Menthol flavoured e-liquids are the most preferred apart from chocolate and subzero ones. The smooth tobacco flavour continues to dominate the e-juice market. There are huge e-juice and e-liquid flavours that are introduced every now and then.

Portable E-vaping Cases

Box modes and e-pens are in fashion now. They are small box and pen styled e-cigarettes that work as wattage and battery devices respectively. They are compact in size; hence easy to carry anywhere you want. They are most preferred since it’s reliable to take a puff for a small span of time in between your work.

Battery and Its Longevity

Most vapers op for e-cigarettes with the best battery durability. The preferred one is the wattage devices. The one that works on ohms or watts are most sought after.

Advanced Ideas and Technology in Use

The newly released vaping devices use the latest technology so that you can enjoy more. Now you can not only control the watts of your e-cigarettes. Sometimes using the e-tanks can be tricky but the latest vape pens help the beginners as well. It is super easy to use features. Vape pens are widely preferred other than the box mods.

Qualities and Features that Matter

Look for the one that fits your needs. For example, the new features that have been lately introduced have temperature controlling features, some has watt controlling features. Also some of the e-juices are rich in flavour. But the most important thing is quality of the product. It’s important that you do not risk your life while compromising with the quality as well as the price.

Tank puffin has the newest e-juices flavours, e-cigarettes as well as its accessories. You can look for diversity and quality products in tank puffin.

Choosing a Music School in London

Choosing a Music School in London

Someone said that the music is the driving force of this universe, and even though it is debatable how much truth there really is in that saying, no one can tell us that the music is something that is completely unimportant in this world. Therefore, learning how to play music is really important, and that is where the music lessons come in. However, it is not easy to pick a music school that offers that offers everything you can imagine; we need to keep our eyes out in order to be able to find such a school. And we have decided to give you some pointers that are going to help you with that. So, let’s see them.

When you first enter a music school, you’ll be able to see what kind of atmosphere it has. You need to choose a music school that suits your own needs, and a school that has the ambience in which you feel comfortable. So, when you get there, see what kind of an impression you got, because first impressions can often be the key ones. If you like the place and its atmosphere – that’s great. But, if you find it too depressing or if it is not your cup of tea in any way, skip it and continue searching. While searching, ensure the teachers have visited a website like and had their DBS checks done as well as CRB Direct.

Then, once you’ve found a music school that suits you the best, you should really look at the students and how do they feel. You can learn a lot from this. For example, if most of the kids are down and depressed, the school is probably a bad one, no matter if you like how it looks. We have researched into choosing the perfect place to have your music lesson and we came across Teach Tutti, they are a great place to learn how to learn instruments such as the flute, guitar and piano. They also support your children with their music lessons at their respected Cognita School. This enables them to get the best result possible and learn a lot more about music itself. However, if most of the kids are happy and joyful, you’ve hit the jackpot and found a music school that has a great potential of being amazing.

After that, you really ought to see what the music teachers are like. If you find them to be good, than that’s great. However, for teachers to be good, they need to know a lot about music, about teaching, about socialization, etc. So, do some online research about them before you meet them face to face; this should give you a strong impression of just how good they are. This is really important because the teachers are the ones giving the music lessons, and as such constitute a huge part of the music school, and if the teachers are bad, your entire schooling experience will also be rather bad.

And finally, you need to test just one more thing, and it happens to be one of the most important ones – try playing an instrument with the students from the school. See if they’re easy to work with, if they’ve learned anything and if they know how to play. You should also check how their music playing looks and how it’s being personated. Finally, of course, you have to ask about the cost of schooling and if you could afford it. When you find a music school in London that offers the best out of all these pointers, you’ve found yourself the perfect music school.

How To Find A Great Cosmetic Dentist

teethPeople say that there is one disease that all people suffer from, no matter what their origin, their status, and their social standing is, and that is cavity. In order to get help fight it we need to go to the dentist. The dentist is going to make sure our teeth are healthy. Nevertheless, what do we do when we want more than that, when we don’t just want healthy teeth, but nice, white and perfect teeth; teeth that are once again going to make you start smiling. Well, then we go and visit The Wellington Clinic cosmetic dentist. But, how to find a great one? That is something we are going to help you with that by giving you these 5 steps that will help guide you through the process.

Step 1 – Internet Search

Enter the key words in your web search engine and hit enter. You’ll be given a list of potential answers for your question. However, what you need to do is pick only the ones that are in close proximity to you and that deal with the issues that you are having trouble with. Of course if you’ve paid enough National Insurance Contributions and have a NI card, you’ll also have access to all NHS-funded practices too. You can obtain a card here if you’ve yet to get one.

Step 2 – Make a shortlist

Take those results a make a shortlist of all the cosmetic dentists that you could visit. Visit their website or other websites that have their company listed, and see the companies’ ratings and read the reviews posted by their previous patients (of course, if there are any). This will help you see if these dentists are good or not, if they’re honest or not, if their work is perfect or not, etc. Now, pick only the ones you think are good and place them on your even shorter shortlist. A search in my local area showed to be the best choice in my area.

Step 3 – Contact them

Now you should contact all the dentists from your shortlist, which shouldn’t take very long, because the list should be short. Talk to them about their services, the types of techniques they use, and of course, their prices. Just tell them what kind of a program you’re experiencing and listen to their answers. Do not feel uncomfortable in any way – they’ve probably heard or seen it all before.

Step 4 – Visit the dentist

You can also pay a visit to the dentist’s place of work to get the idea of what kind of a dentist they really are. While you’re there, look around and if you like what you see, than that’s your dentist. If you don’t like it, then move on to the next one from your list. And keep in mind that you should always have a backup plan in case the first one fails.

Step 5 – Make the appointment

If you’ve paid a visit and liked everything you’ve seen there, than make an appointment with that particular dentist. Tell them when you’ll be free to come over and they will tell you when they have an opening. Find a date that suits you both and schedule an appointment. And that’s it; all your hard work is now over. If a person follows these steps correctly, everything should be done in 15 minutes, and then all you have to do is wait for your tooth fixing process to start.

Choosing the Right Diet Pill For a Healthy Weight Loss

People tend to indulge themselves a bit too much nowadays, and that is why some of them look at their waistline and think to themselves, “This ends here”. However, many of these people turn to diet products to help speed the process, but they need to know which one of these suits them the best. Not all of these pills are the same, and that I why it is important to choose the right diet pill for a healthy weight loss.

What to do

Well, the first thing ought to be consulting with your doctor. He is going to tell you if you’re eligible to use diet pills, and if you are, if there are going to be any possible interactions between the medications you are currently using and the diet pills. Of course, the doctor is going to explain it all to you, and it is really important to get these answers, because they could be the difference between a healthy weight loss and a terrible condition.

Then, you should do some research on the pill ingredients. Most of the legal pills contain Green Tea extract, Chromium, Green Coffee extract, and Garcinia Cambogia extract. You are able to purchase these pills from Supplements Direct. The pills that contain this are safe for use, but make sure you avoid the pills containing sibutramine, ephedra, or fenfluramine because these ingredients were banned by the FDA and should be avoided at all cost.

Understanding what you need is another step you must take, because not everyone’s needs are the same. For example if you are always full of energy, you might want to skip the products that contain a lot of caffeine, and look for something that controls the appetite.

A detoxifying cleanse is also something you might consider, because our bodies are like a complicated machinery and need a good cleanse every now and then to keep all the organs working perfectly. The detoxification could cleanse liver, colon and kidneys from the harmful substances, and this will make them run perfectly and with full efficiency. However, avoid the quick solutions for this, because they tend to result in a yo-yo effect.

And of course, another thing you must do is buying from a reputable companies. Even though you are going to use only FDA approved products, some of them do include a few rotten eggs. And the best way to avoid them is to buy from reputable companies.

What Not to Do

Don’t believe everything you hear, because many things sound too good to be true, and they probably are. Don’t trust the product that promise too much, and try to see through their tricks.

Also, you shouldn’t think more is better, because it usually is not. Do not exceed the recommended dosage, because it could cause more damage than it could help. Do your research and stick to directions given to you.

You should never believe that there is a magic pill that is going to burn off all your fat for you. Yo, you need to do some work too, like exercising and eating healthy. The pill is not going to do anything on its own, and you need to do your part as well.

Foot Care Doctor Tips Of Proper Feet Hygiene

400-06178255c_998_380When it comes to body hygiene, most people do not spare in their efforts to keep their body clean. However, there are people who do not observe proper hygiene or those who don’t know how to. Some would only maintain a proper hygiene towards certain portion of their body while other parts are neglected. The foot is among the parts which are often neglected. In fact, there are many people who develop foot diseases such as athlete’s foot even without engaging in physical activities. There are also people who do not have healthy feet. Here are foot care doctor tips for proper feet hygiene thanks to City Chiropody.

  1. Regular washing – Regular washing can prevent fungi to grow on the foot. Foot care doctor recommends that the feet should be washed at least twice a day. Once in the morning and the second before going to bed. Since regular washing is important, it is also crucial to let the feet dry before wearing shoes.
  2. Moisturize – There are some people with dry skin at their feet. Moisturizer can prevent the feet to be dry. This is important especially for the ladies who take pride of their feet. Moisturizer can also minimize calluses to develop.
  3. Comfortable footwear – The main reason why feet develop calluses or sweat is that the feet constantly come into contact with the footwear. By wearing comfortable footwear, the friction between the foot and the footwear is low thus minimizing calluses or sweat. Aside from the size of the footwear, the material of the footwear especially the insole should be comfortable to the feet.
  4. One pair of shoes is not enough – Aside from the feet, fungi and bacteria can grow on socks and shoes. Though socks are used once before washing, it is different with the shoes. Some people will use a pair of shoes several times before washing. And if the shoes are used for consecutive days, it will be hard for the inside to circulate the air and dry out. Instead, the inside will gather moisture which is a good breeding ground of fungi.
  5. Arch soles – The bottom part of the foot is not flat. There are curves and arches which make it possible for people to walk comfortably while supporting the weight of the body. However, there are footwear which have flat soles. This often causes people to develop flat feet. In order to prevent that, footwear should have arch soles to keep the feet healthy.
  6. Shock absorbent footwear – While running or even by simply walking, the foot is under constant shock. The shock will create pressure and stress on the foot thus it is better to use shock absorbent footwear.
  7. Consult the foot care doctor – If you like to know more about how to properly take care of your feet, consulting a foot care doctor is the best way to go.

Now you know the basics of proper feet hygiene.