Five Reasons Bubble Football Is Such A Hit For Your Health

bubble-soccer-01-824x600It’s Hardly A Competitive Sport

Though scoring and winning will definitely make your team happier, playing bubble football alone will not just bring smiles to everyone’s faces but will also make stomachs hurt with laughter. At first, gaining control of the ball will be the priority but as the game progresses you’ll find players hilariously bumping to each other just for the heck of it and because they’ll just bounce right back.

Team Pictures Are More Creative

Usual team pictures consist of players standing side by side, smiling, and doing the thumbs up gesture. But at the end of a bubble football game, expect a more quirky and epic poses as they make fun of themselves while wearing huge bubbles.

People Are More Interested With Off The Ball Hits

Hitting the ball straight to goal sure makes people cheer for you, but when it comes to bubble football that won’t be the only hit people would anticipate for. They’d watch out for player’s faces as they bump to each other, hilariously knocking players down, and comically bouncing back up.

It’s Female And Family Friendly Activity

Since this game encourages knocking each other over than get goals, females and even an entire family are more than okay to play. It’s not exclusive for boys just because football has always been a “lad’s kickabout”. This form of football has made it possible for basically anyone to try it. So why not? Visit

It’s Safe And Fun

The fact that bubble football involves a lot of bumping into each other probably concerns some people that it may injure or hurt them. However, no need to worry because it’s completely safe. Players will be wrapped in a huge bubble which makes being pushed, knocked down, barge through not painful at all. This means it’ll be all laughter and fun all throughout the game.

But Most Of All, It’s Healthy

Most people struggle to see exercise as a neccessity for their health and some even forget altogether. But with bubble football the fact that it is so fun makes each participant forget that they are actually exercising. Everyone can stay healthy without even realising.