Top 5 Coffee Trivia You Shouldn’t Miss


  1. 29% Of Coffee Drinkers Get The Urge To Poop Almost Right Away After Drinking
  2. About 4 minutes after chugging down a Kimbo Coffee, a few percentages of people gets the poop bomb. Scientists don’t know the reason behind this yet, but 29% of people, generally women, can attest to this. And it’s not even because of caffeine because even the decaf versions of coffee give this same effect to their colon. No wonder lines in coffee shop rest rooms can be really long.
  3. Coffee Is Actually Made From A Bean Inside A RED Berry
  4. Everybody knows, especially for those who take their coffee black, that our daily caffeine fix is color black. But it might surprise you that, this energy booster comes from a bean inside a bright red berry. It becomes black because the berries are picked, dried, stripped down until all that’s left is the green bean, then roasted at around 500F until it pops twice which indicates that it’s done.
  5. Instant Coffee Was Invented By A Man Named George Washington
  6. No not the former US president. Apparently, in 1906, there was a man who goes by the name George Washington in Guatemala invented instant coffee. Whether or not his real name is George Washington, the important part is that he was the man behind instant coffee that a lot of people consume until today.
  7. People Don’t Drink Coffee Back In The Day, They Eat It
  8. Before everybody got hooked with this warm bitter drink that produces a rich aroma, African tribes mixes coffee beans with fat, forms them into balls and eat them! If this practice didn’t change, we won’t be accumulating too much cute coffee mugs.
  9. Once Upon A Time, The King Of England Banned Coffee Shops
  10. Starbucks won’t be a huge hit, like it is today, if they started the business back in 1975 in England. The king back then banned all coffee shops from operating, thinking that it’s where people meet to plot against him. Now you can pretty much find a barista in London almost anywhere.

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