Tips on planning for a baby

Planning for a baby should be a magical time for you and your partner, make sure you are financially stable and are willing to take the time, patience and confidence needed for such a long process. Having great people behind you and helping you through it helps, also having a doctor that you can connect with on a personal level like they have at Fertility Plus is always a huge part to consider. So, here are some tips to consider when planning or already pregnant.

First Steps

The first steps to planning having a baby is to establish your income and how a baby would fit in your life – as much as they’re a gift to the world you have to understand your world. If you live with your partner and both working, living busy lives and can clearly see you need to alter your life to make way for a baby. The main aspect to planning for a baby is to make sure you and your partner are ready, could you both adjust to where you two are still happy and keep them going for the baby stage of your pregnancy as you will be stressed and hormonal throughout the process.

Reduce & Quit

In the process of having a child to need prepare your body and mind – if you’re a smoker then it’s usually best to quit, or at least cut down as I can affect the female fertility and that is not what you want if you’re wanting a baby. While smoking improves the lining the womb and effectively helps you become pregnant quicker, also could affect the success rate of an IVF treatment. Not only does it affect women, but the same can happen to a man, which can result in reduced semen quality and lower sperm out – these are all incredibly important factors to wanting a baby.


The same goes for alcohol, the risks of having a miscarriage, premature birth and even learning difficulties or behavioral problems in later life of your child; these all can heighten if you drink excessive amounts of alcohol – as what you consume goes straight into the baby as well. It’s best to stay away from any types of alcohol, energy drinks, and even coffee – although coffee doesn’t have the higher stigma alcohol does, its best to stay away from any caffeine, or cut down if you’re a big coffee drinker.