Foot Care Doctor Tips Of Proper Feet Hygiene

400-06178255c_998_380When it comes to body hygiene, most people do not spare in their efforts to keep their body clean. However, there are people who do not observe proper hygiene or those who don’t know how to. Some would only maintain a proper hygiene towards certain portion of their body while other parts are neglected. The foot is among the parts which are often neglected. In fact, there are many people who develop foot diseases such as athlete’s foot even without engaging in physical activities. There are also people who do not have healthy feet. Here are foot care doctor tips for proper feet hygiene thanks to City Chiropody.

  1. Regular washing – Regular washing can prevent fungi to grow on the foot. Foot care doctor recommends that the feet should be washed at least twice a day. Once in the morning and the second before going to bed. Since regular washing is important, it is also crucial to let the feet dry before wearing shoes.
  2. Moisturize – There are some people with dry skin at their feet. Moisturizer can prevent the feet to be dry. This is important especially for the ladies who take pride of their feet. Moisturizer can also minimize calluses to develop.
  3. Comfortable footwear – The main reason why feet develop calluses or sweat is that the feet constantly come into contact with the footwear. By wearing comfortable footwear, the friction between the foot and the footwear is low thus minimizing calluses or sweat. Aside from the size of the footwear, the material of the footwear especially the insole should be comfortable to the feet.
  4. One pair of shoes is not enough – Aside from the feet, fungi and bacteria can grow on socks and shoes. Though socks are used once before washing, it is different with the shoes. Some people will use a pair of shoes several times before washing. And if the shoes are used for consecutive days, it will be hard for the inside to circulate the air and dry out. Instead, the inside will gather moisture which is a good breeding ground of fungi.
  5. Arch soles – The bottom part of the foot is not flat. There are curves and arches which make it possible for people to walk comfortably while supporting the weight of the body. However, there are footwear which have flat soles. This often causes people to develop flat feet. In order to prevent that, footwear should have arch soles to keep the feet healthy.
  6. Shock absorbent footwear – While running or even by simply walking, the foot is under constant shock. The shock will create pressure and stress on the foot thus it is better to use shock absorbent footwear.
  7. Consult the foot care doctor – If you like to know more about how to properly take care of your feet, consulting a foot care doctor is the best way to go.

Now you know the basics of proper feet hygiene.