Important Things To Consider For A Nursing Home

9657359_origAs one gets old, it is much harder to tend to themselves and assistance is necessary. Before we get into the information, if you’re looking for one of the best care homes or live in care services. Checkout Home Care Preferred today. For people whose parents are now old, as much as they love to take care of their parents, they don’t have the time to do so. Instead of living their parents unattended, it is much better to send them to a nursing home. A nursing home can provide all the necessities of elderly while making it convenient for the residents and the children. Since a nursing home will become the home for their parents, choosing a nursing home is crucial. Here are the important things to consider for nursing home like The Oaks Nursery Home.

  1. Feel – If you feel that something’s not right with the place, leave. You want to put your parents in a place where you don’t have to worry about them. It is also important for your parents to feel at home in the place so their opinion should also be considered.
  2. Sound – If you take a moment to listen to the sounds within the nursing home, you can get a picture whether it is suitable or not for your parents. If there are residents laughing and cheerful, it is a good sign. If there are cries or screams, look for another nursing home.
  3. Smell – Smell can give you an idea about the hygiene of the place. If it smells fresh, that is nice. If it has a pungent odor, it is not hygienic.
  4. Sight – What you see is often what you get. Observe and see the place as well as the food and how the staff interacts with the residents.
  5. Taste – Taste the food to see if they pass your palate. Nobody wants their parents eating food which is not delicious.
  6. Staff – Check the number of staffs, their working shifts as well as how they behave in the nursing home. Observe how they treat the residents. And most important thing, check the credentials of the staff if they received proper training and if they have certifications as caregiver.
  7. Residents – Observe the residents. Though they look happy? Are they clean? Does it look like they are having a good time? Are there any injuries or noticeable sores in their body? This will give you an idea on the well-being of your parents once they live in that place.
  8. Care procedure and routines – Ask for their manual on how they handle the residents daily. You can check the activities as well as the schedule which your parents will be following as they spend their time in the nursing home. You may want to ask if they have any connections with private healthcare like Urocare London, if your parents get sick.
  9. Recreations – Recreation is an important part of the resident’s life. Check if the recreations are fun, light and safe. You don’t want your parents to injure themselves while playing.
  10. Bedsores and injuries – Elderly people will have bedsores. Ask how the nursing home manage bedsores whether treating them or minimizing them. Also ask how they handle injuries.

Even if you think the nursing home is perfect for your parents, check multiple nursing homes just to be sure.


Health Facts To Know About Personal Injury Claims

personal-injury-header2There a strong chance that you might have heard about the phrase ‘Personal injury claim’ but know too little or almost nothing about what they are and how one can get benefited from them. Basically, personal injury claims that one can file against another person for his loss or damages occurred in an accident or mishap.

Now this loss or damage could either be intentional or due to negligence of the other party that made the former party suffer and go through severe conditions. If you think that this it and you know each and everything about personal injury claims then hold back and keep on reading. The first thing you need to do is ensure your health insurance is the right on for you by comparing multiple quotes on sites such as Health Insurance Finder. Personal injury claims have further kinds that are described below so that you can decide if your case falls under personal injury claims or any other category and act accordingly. If you do find yourself in any of these situations then you will need to seek the help of a personal injury solicitor from Osbornes.

Slip and Fall:

This type of a personal injury claim is referred to such accidents that take place due to negligence of property’s owner. If a person gets injured outside of grocery store then the liability for his injury is of the grocery store’s owner because he failed to take measurements to keep the pedestrians safe from getting injured. Hence the injured person remains the right to file a lawsuit against the owner under such circumstances.

Medical Malpractice:

If a person develops any injury during treatment at a hospital or in private clinic then it is termed as medical malpractice. Each medical representative has some obligations towards the patients and if failed to treat them well then they may face a lawsuit by the affected patient for making mistake during their service.

Motorcycle Accident:

When a person gets hit by a car or any other vehicle while riding a bike is termed as motorcycle accident. Under this situation, the affected party remains the right to file a lawsuit against the opposite party that cause the accident. But there are some conditions that apply. To file a lawsuit against the opposite party, the affected party should be innocent otherwise it could turn against him if he files a wrongful lawsuit.

Pedestrian or Cyclist Accident:

While walking down the road or riding a bicycle, anyone can get hit by a car or truck. Under this circumstances, the affected party can file a lawsuit against the other person.

Top 5 Coffee Trivia You Shouldn’t Miss


  1. 29% Of Coffee Drinkers Get The Urge To Poop Almost Right Away After Drinking
  2. About 4 minutes after chugging down a Kimbo Coffee, a few percentages of people gets the poop bomb. Scientists don’t know the reason behind this yet, but 29% of people, generally women, can attest to this. And it’s not even because of caffeine because even the decaf versions of coffee give this same effect to their colon. No wonder lines in coffee shop rest rooms can be really long.
  3. Coffee Is Actually Made From A Bean Inside A RED Berry
  4. Everybody knows, especially for those who take their coffee black, that our daily caffeine fix is color black. But it might surprise you that, this energy booster comes from a bean inside a bright red berry. It becomes black because the berries are picked, dried, stripped down until all that’s left is the green bean, then roasted at around 500F until it pops twice which indicates that it’s done.
  5. Instant Coffee Was Invented By A Man Named George Washington
  6. No not the former US president. Apparently, in 1906, there was a man who goes by the name George Washington in Guatemala invented instant coffee. Whether or not his real name is George Washington, the important part is that he was the man behind instant coffee that a lot of people consume until today.
  7. People Don’t Drink Coffee Back In The Day, They Eat It
  8. Before everybody got hooked with this warm bitter drink that produces a rich aroma, African tribes mixes coffee beans with fat, forms them into balls and eat them! If this practice didn’t change, we won’t be accumulating too much cute coffee mugs.
  9. Once Upon A Time, The King Of England Banned Coffee Shops
  10. Starbucks won’t be a huge hit, like it is today, if they started the business back in 1975 in England. The king back then banned all coffee shops from operating, thinking that it’s where people meet to plot against him. Now you can pretty much find a barista in London almost anywhere.

We are planning on writing an article on Twelve By Seventy Five. Top 5 Wine Trivia you shouldn’t miss. If that sounds interesting to you, check out Twelve By Seventy Five and find a very unique way to make money with wine!

Five Reasons Bubble Football Is Such A Hit For Your Health

bubble-soccer-01-824x600It’s Hardly A Competitive Sport

Though scoring and winning will definitely make your team happier, playing bubble football alone will not just bring smiles to everyone’s faces but will also make stomachs hurt with laughter. At first, gaining control of the ball will be the priority but as the game progresses you’ll find players hilariously bumping to each other just for the heck of it and because they’ll just bounce right back.

Team Pictures Are More Creative

Usual team pictures consist of players standing side by side, smiling, and doing the thumbs up gesture. But at the end of a bubble football game, expect a more quirky and epic poses as they make fun of themselves while wearing huge bubbles.

People Are More Interested With Off The Ball Hits

Hitting the ball straight to goal sure makes people cheer for you, but when it comes to bubble football that won’t be the only hit people would anticipate for. They’d watch out for player’s faces as they bump to each other, hilariously knocking players down, and comically bouncing back up.

It’s Female And Family Friendly Activity

Since this game encourages knocking each other over than get goals, females and even an entire family are more than okay to play. It’s not exclusive for boys just because football has always been a “lad’s kickabout”. This form of football has made it possible for basically anyone to try it. So why not? Visit

It’s Safe And Fun

The fact that bubble football involves a lot of bumping into each other probably concerns some people that it may injure or hurt them. However, no need to worry because it’s completely safe. Players will be wrapped in a huge bubble which makes being pushed, knocked down, barge through not painful at all. This means it’ll be all laughter and fun all throughout the game.

But Most Of All, It’s Healthy

Most people struggle to see exercise as a neccessity for their health and some even forget altogether. But with bubble football the fact that it is so fun makes each participant forget that they are actually exercising. Everyone can stay healthy without even realising.

Simple Things That You Can Do For A Healthier Mind

While neuro-linguistic programming from Toby and Kate may be great specifically for those with anxiety or dyslexia, there are some simple things that you can do to improve your mental health.

Practice Meditation

There are mental conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression that may or may not respond well to neuro-linguistic programming. But meditation has been known to be a great for mental health. Mindful medication even for a couple of minutes every day helps free our minds with thoughts that aren’t helping us in any way at all.


Fill Your Lungs With Fresh And Clean Air

How do you feel when you smell something foul? Aside from making your head hurt, sometimes it also makes your gut churn then it leads to not feeling well in general. Moreover, being exposed to air pollution has been proven to cause memory and attention problems in the long run. So, try to breathe in clean air as much as possible.

Be Physically Active

Physical activities that are as simple as walking or biking, when you do it regularly is not only good for your body; it’s also great for maintaining a healthy mind. It can even alleviate symptoms of anxiety or depression, improve mood, and raise self-esteem. If those reasons can’t make you move more, I don’t know what else will.

Ditch Coffee

Caffeine may be great when you need a jolt of energy, but too much intake can actually cause anxiety and irritability. Instead, replace that caffeine with a fine wine! Educate yourself first with Twelve By Seventy Five before deciding the best wine for you. If you are determined to rejuvenate your mental health, it will be much better if you ditch coffee altogether, besides, there are other energy boosting ways that you can do if that’s all the reason why you drink coffee.

Steer Clear From Nicotine

Neuro-linguistic programming could probably deal with mental health issues, but not being able to stop smoking can deter your efforts. Your lungs isn’t the only body organ that will thank you by quitting, you brain will too.



How to Take Charge of Your Health & Your Life

I originally entitled this article “The 5 Secrets to Taking Charge of Your Health and Your Life.” The marketers told me to do it. But you know what? These aren’t secrets. But they might as well be secrets, because TOO FEW OF YOU (probably including you, reading this article) ARE TRULY HEALTHY!

Headaches, low energy, moodiness, gassiness, weight gain around your middle, achy joints… For most people, these are not the “inevitable” side effects of life and aging as you may presume. You can take simple steps to help alleviate these symptoms and others.

So, what are these 5 steps to getting truly healthy? Here they are:healthy food

  • Fabulous food. Refuse to settle for fake food, the very same food that has become a staple in our Standard American Diet (otherwise known as “SAD”). Lay off the Caffeine, the Refined foods, Artificial additives / colorings / flavors and alcohol, and Pesticide / hormone / gas-laden and genetically modified foods. In other words, no more C.R.A.P. The real stuff, such as Japanese noodles from Clearspring is unbeatable – in flavor, in nourishment for your body and for your soul’s satiation, and in price as well. Food? Seems pretty straight forward, right? But true health demands that you address the other aspects of your life that can either feed or deplete you. Don’t forget about staying well hydrated though. Keeping your water bottles in a small cooler will make them more enjoyable to sip on throughout the day, keeping you focused, awake and in general feeling better in yourself!
  • Real relationships. You Tweet and Facebook all day long, but where’s the real-life love? Family, friends, soul-mates, your community. Get out there, get involved, get real. Also let toxic relationships go and die a natural death. Really, you’re doing yourself – and the other person – a favor.
  • Mojo & movement. Rev it up. Sweat it out. Our bodies want, crave, live to move and groooove. Let it have some fun. This does not mean you have to become a gym bunny (boringgg). Carry your groceries home. Take a hike. Go jump in a lake. Remember how joyous and alive you can feel when you move. Sorry, I have to say it: just do it. Even if it’s just standing 15 minutes a day, which is the best I could during my health crisis.
  • passionWonder-ful Work. Work shouldn’t be a four-letter word. If it is, and has to be in the shorter term, find a creative outlet that reminds you who you are and what it means to express yourself fully in this world. Ultimately, however, seek out that less-traveled path and find your true passion. I promise you – there’s nothing quite like it.
  • Know Your Self. Get to know yourself again. Stop thinking for a minute and let your true, subtle Self emerge from all that chatter in your head. Reconnect your head to your body. You know your body best. It’s always sending you signals. Learn to listen to them. Heed them, before it has got to scream so loud that it’s “too late.”

If any one of these areas is broken, it can severely impact your health to the point where it won’t matter how much broccoli you eat.

So what’s it going to take?
Do you have to have a major, sneak-up-on-you-and-whack-you-in-the-face type of wake up call at the ripe old age of 32, like I did, to pay attention to your life, and your health, at this level? Or are you more in tune with your reality than that?

Ask yourself…

“Do I want to live my life stuck in this so-so, mediocre state (or worse) like I’m doing now, or do I want to be high on life pretty much all the time?”

It’s your choice. What’s it going to be? Remember, for extra guidance and help in regards to your health, you can always get in contact with an expert and watch yourself become a new and improved person – is your best bet if you are based in or around Brighton & Hove.